February 28, 1899 Under obedience to her Confessor, Luisa begins to write.

March 4, 1947 Transit into Heaven of Luisa Piccatteta.

March 4, 1987 Decree of Canonical Approval.

April 23, 1865 Birthday of Luisa Piccarreta.

May 6, 1930 Date of the original Manuscript of “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”

June 1, 1927 Transit into Heaven of Saint Annibale Di Francia.

June 3, 1962 The body of Luisa is transferred to the Church of Santa Maria Greca, in Corato.

July 18 Feast of Santa Maria Greca, Protector of Corato

September 8, 1889 Luisa riceives the Gift of the Divine Will.

October 7, 1928 Luisa moves to the Convent of the Sisters of the Divine Zeal of Corato.

October 7, 1938 Luisa leaves the Convent and moves to the houseof Via Maddalena, in Corato.

October 7, 1990 Beatification of Father Annibale Di Francia.

October 16, 1888 Mystical Marriage of Luisa with Jesus.

November 20, 1994 Opening of the Cause of Beatification of Luisa.

November 21, 1987 Msgr. Giuseppe Carata Archbishop blesses the room of Luisa.

December 28, 1938 Luisa writes the last chapter of Volume 36. The obedience to write ceases.